Data Privacy Statement

Version: July 31st, 2018

The protection of personal data is very important to the Center for Organic Electronics Cologne (Zentrum fuer organische Elektronik Koeln gGmbH), referred to as ZOEK from now on.
The below statement informs you about what data we collect and how we handle and use these data.

Context of this Data Privacy Statement

This data privacy statement applies to the content which is accessible under the domain and the subdomain

Unless explicitly stated otherwise, this data privacy statement only describes how the ZOEK deals with your personal data. If you utilize services of a third party, then the data privacy statement of the third party applies exclusively.

Responsible Person and Right of Access to Personal Data

If you have questions regarding our handling of your personal data, or if you want to make use of your right to object to our use or relaying of your personal data, or if you want to know which personal information is stored by us, then you can contact us as follows:

Zentrum fuer organische Elektronik Koeln gGmbH
Luxemburgerstr. 90
50939 Köln

Collection of Data

Our website can in principle be used without providing personal data. The decision to share personal data with us is up to you.
Certain technical data such as your IP address, your browser type and the time of access are automatically transmitted to us upon accessing your website and logged on our server.

The IP address allows the unique identification of each device on the internet globally. In this sense, the IP address is functionally equivalent to a telephone number in the telephone network. You probably do not have a constant IP address, because IP addresses are typically assigned only temporarily by internet service providers for the duration of the session whenever a connection to the internet is established. But even then (when using a non-static IP address), an unambiguous identification of a website visitor is in principle possible by utilizing the connection information which is stored by internet service providers.
Except for cases of unauthorized access to your website, we only analyze the IP addresses of website visitors anonymously in a statistical fashion, for example to ascertain the popularity of content and to create aggregated statistics (for example the total number of website visitors per day).

In order to be able to identify website visitors when they return to our website at a later time, we use Cookies. Cookies are small text files, which allow the recognition of website visitors. Our website can in principle also be used without utilizing cookies by disabling cookies in the settings of the used web browser. Please refer to the documentation of your browser for information on how to do this. When disabling cookies, some functionality of our website may not be available.

If the permission to collect, process, and use personal data has been given by a website visitor electronically, then we store this information as well.

Usage of Your Data

To the extent to which you explicitly agreed with it, we use your personal data for statistical analyses and ultimately the optimization of our website content.

Sharing of Data

When you send an e-mail to us, then your message and e-mail address are used exclusively for communicating with you. Processing your message may require forwarding it within the ZOEK.
Other than that, we do not share your personal data with any third party.

Deletion of Data

As soon as your data are no longer required for the stated purposes, your data are deleted. Data, which we are required to keep due to commercial or fiscal law requirements will be locked. These data are then no longer available for our use. Furthermore, under certain conditions, you have the right for the correction, locking, or deletion of your saved data. Data which are required due to invoicing and accounting needs are excluded from locking and deletion. You can initiate the deletion of your personal data in the same way in which you originally provided the data to us.

Data Security

The ZOEK implements state of the art measures for the protection of your personal data from unauthorized access, loss, misuse and destruction.

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